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my name is Kim Rose

I spent many years teaching in Secondary education creating within the fields of textiles, fibre art, stitching, weaving, dyeing and felting but I always gravitated towards drawing and painting in my spare time. 

My personal interest and enjoyment coupled with an intense desire to learn led me on a journey of  further skill development and into the completion of a Diploma of Visual Art.

After experimenting with many mediums, I discovered my passion for combining mediums together in mixed media. The ignition of this passion has led to an evolution of works in this genre. My mixed media creations combine all paint types with free motion stitching, textiles, printing, ink & pen and collage.

I find inspiration from my cherished family and my beautiful rural home environment. The production of artwork by Kimz is a source of great joy for me and I hope that you find some joy from it too, 

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