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The Tree of Life Project

A project that began as a 'Tree of Life' mural during 2020 Covid 19 isolation, morphed into a deeply personal depiction of my family tree.  The initial use of a black and white colour palette symbolised the darkness of nights and the light of days, over many years that my family grew and evolved.  Various tangling inspired sections network together the elements, people & places, homes & businesses and environments that have forged the web of my life.  Presented in a prism of rainbow hues, birds of many varieties bring life and colour to my world.  These birds personify my family members and the characteristics of their species accurately and often uncannily embody the personality traits of the family member who they represent.

My parents on high, protect and oversee the tree of my life from wise Owl's eyes, happily reflecting the admirable history of their lives well lived.  Alongside them perch my brother and I, faces lit up with Kookaburra's smiles, rejoicing in our happy upbringing and the joy that comes from living with a great sense of humour.

A branch of my family tree extends and welcomes three lovely birdies who, each in their own special ways, bring femininity, beauty,much joy and hope for the future.

Three baby boys, deeply loved and fiercely protected, chirp as little Blue birds.  They appear again as young Cockatoos, reflections of their father, happily playing, eating, learning and growing together.  Then three very different yet equally admirable and incredibly beautiful adult birds emerge and fly from the tree.

One is always able to draw attention, the gorgeous and charismatic Rainbow Lorikeet, soars and sings.  So witty and cheeky as ever.

Beside him, flying high, is the commanding presence of the stunning Red Tailed Black Cockatoo with his mature and nurturing spirit.

And always connected to his Mama Macaw regardless of distance flown, is the inspiring and impressive Macaw, so highly capable and intelligent yet possessing a gentle disposition in  life.

I depicted myself on a swing admiring my tree's beauty, with my mate by my side.  My handsome White Cockatoo with his glorious yellow crest, always protecting me under his wings.  I contemplate the branches yet to grow and with excited anticipation I await the prospect of my future web of wonderful patterns yet to be formed.

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